The large majority of the graphics seen here come from gifcities (some of them are edited versions). Stock/public domain images are also used (once again, sometimes edited). Some are also my own doing, or made with websites. If you ever have any complaints about what is used and feel it is infringing upon copyright or whatnot, please feel free to let me know!

My site is created without being a supporter, so you can do all this without having to pay, cool!

I began making this site on chrome, but then later switched to firefox. It was made generally while using the usual window size + defualt zoom setting, so that's probably the best way to view it, however viewing it in other ways shouldn't cause any problems!

some bits of the site may not work properly if you do not have autoplay allowed for this site, make sure to do that!

All the music you hear was made by me! I hope for all the sound effects to be my work too, but some may not be. Those will have credits listed on this page, if need be. Needed credits for loops, samples, soundfonts, etc that have been used will also be here.
The music you may be hearing currently on the site may not be the final track.